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Cato is a full time audio engineer providing services in Southern California. She has over 20 years of audio engineering experience, working on everything from traveling Broadway shows, to Super Bowl commercials, to working with numerous Grammy winners.

Cato specializes in music production that blends electronic elements with acoustic textures – often indie pop music with a cinematic vibe. She is particularly passionate about working with other female identifying artists, and excels at putting her clients at ease within the studio environment.

Cato’s educational content is regularly featured by Avid’s social media team (they’re the creators of Pro Tools), among others. She has a Music and Music Education masters from Columbia University, and spent years working in studios, learning her craft from many multi-Grammy winning engineers and artists. She has learned from the best in the world, and applies that knowledge and passion to every project!

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Cato runs a Youtube channel designed to help others learn all about audio!

She also does private lessons, contact her if interested

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