If my drum kit obviously can’t get any better…how can I make it more…awesome?

Somebody definitely asked that question when creating the following instruments.  Enjoy!

1.  Cheese Drums

Who doesn’t love cheese?  And who doesn’t love a good beat?  Well, now you can combine the two!  Cheese kits are great for those that are looking for some great beats and good eats, so grab some wine, and get your groove on….or just watch the video on Youtube, and enjoy.

Cheese Drums

2.  Ice Drums

This guy trashes the sh*t out of this set.  But that’s okay, it had a limited life span anyway….good thing they caught it on camera and you can watch the video here.

Ice Drums

3. Finger Drums Tabletop Electric Drum Set

It’s a little ridiculous, but I couldn’t turn it down – the commercial is too good!  So props to an amazing commercial made by Vat19, which you can watch here.

Finger Drums

Along the same lines (and because I’m a girl, and girls love miniatures), check out this mini drum kit here, and this one here.

4.  Paper Drums

This one might seem kind of lame, since some of you would probably break the darn thing just by glancing at it…but you have to admire the time and effort that went into creating it, right?

Paper Drum Kit


5.  And finally, here are some wicked cool cymbal stands for your enjoyment:

They look so darn fabulous, but how would you take them to a gig?

Custom Cymbal Stands