It’s a new year!

It’s that time of year again where you decide to grow and develop as an individual. At least until the potato chips and burritos hypnotize you back into submission. So, while you still have the energy, let’s go over some of the best audio podcasts and blogs to follow in 2015:


1.  Pro Studio Live

Pro Studio Live is an amazing new site!  They create instructional videos on audio production by bringing multi grammy winning engineers into the studio to show their process in action.  Rather than watching an engineer describe how they work in the studio, you can actually watch them in action.  Stream the videos live for free, or access all previous episodes for a small membership fee.  They also recently started a blog, that’s full of some great information!  And, full disclosure, I’m not just saying that because I host the show and write some of their blog posts.

Kreative Kontrol

2.  Kreative Kontrol

For a more laid back, entertainment podcast that’s truly enjoyable to consume, follow Kreative Kontrol.  I recently started following this podcast, and have been enjoying it.  It’s not a strictly audio/music podcast, but rather has a wealth of information about the entertainment industry in general.  It’s also a genuinely fun podcast, and I highly recommend it.  As described on the website, Kreative Kontrol:

has a number of questions for interesting people who provide a number of answers. Musicians, comedians, writers, politicians, athletes, and more will be featured on this regularly scheduled podcast.

Pro Tools Expert

3.  Pro Tools Expert

If you’re looking to learn more about Pro Tools specifically, then Pro Tools Expert has some great articles and podcasts.  They’re definitely focused on the technical audio genre, and I’ve even used them as a resource while trouble shooting before.  Plus, they’re the site that brought us an amazing list of free plug-ins, which I referenced in this article, so what’s not to love?

Gear Slutz

4. Gear Slutz

Although technically a forum, Gear Slutz does have a Tips & Techniques section that is run like a blog, as well as Expert Q & A Archives that are pretty amazing.  There’s a huge focus on engineering and producing, with articles that range from songwriting techniques to studio design and acoustics.  This site really brings out the nerd in me.  Gear Slutz has been around for a while now, and there’s so much information on this site.  So go explore and get lost and learn!

Music Clout

5. Music Clout

I’ve been following these guys on Twitter for a while.  The articles on Music Clout have some really relevant and useful information in them.  A lot of their articles are aimed at musicians, with tips on touring, budgeting, and knowing what you’re worth.  But they also have some great business and branding articles.  As an engineer, I enjoy reading these articles so that I can give artists better advice.  Plus, I find myself adapting a lot of the information that’s meant for musicians to my own work as an engineer, especially the branding and marketing information.  This site is definitely worth checking out.


Or go old school and subscribe to some magazines:

Electronic Musician
Recording Magazine
Mix Magazine
Sound on Sound