For the most up-to-date news on Cato’s process and work, please feel free to view her Youtube Channel. She often shares works-in-progress and glimpses into the recording, mixing, and sound design process there (only with artist permission, of course!).

Orbulous Video Game:

Cato is currently doing all the sound design for a puzzle game called Orbulous.  It’s currently in beta testing, and is still a work in progress.  Here’s a preview of the game play:

Through The Blinds Film:

Cato recently completed all the post production and sound design work for a film short called Through The Blinds.  It is set to release soon!  Click here to view more information about the film on IMDb.

Video Logo / Short Intro Video Sound Design:

Cato loves sound design projects! Here are a couple of examples of short sound design work she has done.


Recording, Mixing, Sound Design, & Backing Vocals Example

In 2021, Cato completed an album project for Evan Diamond & The Library (Evan Diamond is a 2x San Diego Music Awards winner, including the 2022 SDMA for Best Pop Artist). For this album, Cato was the recording engineer, mixing engineer, and supplied sound design and backing vocals services. This album also featured Dave Depper on keyboard. To listen to this album, visit:

Mixing Music – Before and After Examples:

Below is an example of a remix done for a client on a live performance video. The client was given the raw video and audio files, and we were able to polish it up and make the mix pop a bit more than the original livestream edit. We cleaned up some noise the artist didn’t want, and changed some things to match the artists’ vision and personal preferences a bit more:



Cato recently completed a mix for a mixing competition on Since the raw audio files were posted publicly, we figured this would be a good opportunity to show a before and after mixing comparison.  

Here is the raw / unmixed version alongside Cato’s mix of the track. For best effect, toggle back and forth between the two to compare the same segments of the song, mixed and unmixed:  

Sound Design & Sound Effect Creation:

EDM Production, Mixing, & Mastering:

Symphony Recording & Mixing:

Pop Folk Tracking:

Working with Kids with Music 4 Peace San Diego, Tracking & Mixing:

Cato has also written blog posts and hosted/produced videos as part of her work with Pro Studio Live. Click here to explore the Pro Studio Live website.

Want More? Check out Cato’s Soundcloud Account: