In Production

Orbulous Video Game:

Cato is currently doing all the sound design for a puzzle game called Orbulous.  It’s currently in beta testing, and is still a work in progress.  Here’s a preview of the game play:

Through The Blinds Film:

Cato recently completed all the post production and sound design work for a film short called Through The Blinds.  It is set to release soon!  Click here to view more information about the film on IMDb.

Completed Works

Video Logo / Short Intro Video Sound Design:

Cato loves sound design projects! Here are a couple of examples of short sound design work she has done.

Mixing Music – Before and After Examples:

Cato recently completed a mix for a mixing competition on Since the raw audio files were posted publicly, we figured this would be a good opportunity to show a before and after mixing comparison.  

Here is the raw / unmixed version alongside Cato’s mix of the track. For best effect, toggle back and forth between the two to compare the same segments of the song, mixed and unmixed:  

Sound Design & Sound Effect Creation:

EDM Production, Mixing, & Mastering:

Symphony Recording & Mixing:

Pop Folk Tracking:

Working with Kids with Music 4 Peace San Diego, Tracking & Mixing:

Cato has also written blog posts and hosted/produced videos as part of her work with Pro Studio Live. Click here to explore the Pro Studio Live website.

Want More? Check out Cato’s Soundcloud Account: