The Holidays Are Upon Us!

So to get in the spirit, I’ve decided to write an article about the best gifts for audio geeks.  Here’s what I found:

Woo Audio Headphone Stand

1.  Woo Audio’s Headphone Stands

If they’re like me, then the audio geek in your life has a bunch of headphones in a pile somewhere, probably getting tangled.  Buy them a Headphone Stand!  Not only is it a great tool for showing off their favorite headphones, but it makes their headphones more readily available.  Although kind of pricey, Woo Audio’s stands are a sleek, aluminum design, with adjustable height and rubber feet for surface protection.

iPhone Gramophone

2.  iPhone Gramophone Docks from Restoration Hardware

These retro and sleek gramophone docks amplify your music acoustically.  Using the sound that comes straight from your iPhone speakers, the gramophone design is an age old, eco friendly method for sound amplification.  I know a producer that has one of these, and he loves it and says it sounds great. Can’t shell out the cash for one of these models? Come into the modern age with a similar product by Bone that increases volume 250%.  This would definitely be on my list if I wasn’t a Droid person.


3. Bluetooth Adapters to Make Their Speakers Wireless

If your audio geek is like me, they may have spent all their money on a good pair of studio monitors, or other high quality (but not wireless) speakers.  Give them a Bluetooth Audio Adapter, so they can control the music running to those top quality speakers from their phone.  It’s a great tool for parties, or just lazy days.  Here’s a great article that includes model recommendations from Wired Magazine.

Crosley 45 Turntable Adapter

4.  Crosley 45 Turntable Adapter

Vinyl has been making a comeback!  So chances are, you know someone that’s into vinyl.  Allow them to expand their collection through the Crosley 45 turntable adapter.  With this beautiful (and inexpensive) adapter, they can play 45 LPs, even if their player isn’t compatible.

Musical Wine Glasses

5.  Musical Wine Glasses

Mostly everyone enjoys wine, right?  Now the musically inclined can bring the joy of music to their libation oriented friends.  These wine glasses are great for any party, and I think they’ll be making their way to my wish list soon.

Well, that’s it for now.  I hope someone gets some good ideas from this, and if in doubt, you can always buy a Spotify gift card or a Google Play Music All Access Pass.  I’ve also heard that Deezer is a lot like Spotify, but is great at introducing you to new music you’ll love.

Happy Holidays!