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  • Environmental Work: Hackathon Winner!
    Cato was recently part of a 5 person team that won the worldwide tier of the San Diego Zoo and US State Department’s conservation hackathon! Cato has become very passionate about conservation and environmentalism, and loves participating in projects like this one. She has specifically developed an interest in sound ecology, and using sound to aid conservation efforts. She’s currently developing some projects in this field of interest, and would love to participate in any project ideas along these lines that people may have!
  • Cato Is SoundGym Hero of the Month!!!
    Cato was recently featured as the SoundGym Hero of the month! If you haven’t heard of SoundGym, it’s an amazing ear training website that geared towards audio engineers and music producers. It’s a great tool for any audio engineer, and it’s such an honor to be the SoundGym Hero of the month!  Thank you SoundGym! … Continue ReadingNewsRead more
  • Cato Was A Featured Guest on the Self Care Sundays Podcast!
    Cato was recently the featured guest on the Self Care Sundays podcast. Self Care Sundays is a podcast created by one of the cofounders of the Resistance Manual, and one of 2018’s Forbes 30 under 30 list members, Aditi Juneja. 
  • Essential Pro Tools Settings: Insertion Follows Playback & Toolbar Organization
    Do you ever rearrange the edit window toolbar or change your insertion follows playback setting? Hi guys, I’ve posted yet another video all about Pro Tools!  In this video, we continue with our series on important settings to know about in Pro Tools with a discussion of insertion follows playback and how you can change the organization of … Continue ReadingNewsRead more
  • Essential Pro Tools Settings: Link Timeline and Edit Selection & Organize Plug-in Menus By
    Do you know about link timeline and edit selection and organize plug-in menus by? Today is the day for another Pro Tools video!  In today’s video, we cover two important settings to know about in Pro Tools: link timeline and edit selection, and organize plug-in menus by.  If you want to brush up on your … Continue ReadingNewsRead more
  • Essential Pro Tools Settings: Pre-Fader Metering & Hardware Buffer Size
    Do you know about Pre-Fader Metering and H/W Buffer Size? I just released a new video that’s designed to help you brush up on your Pro Tools skills.  This video covers two very important settings to know about in Pro Tools: pre-fader metering, and hardware buffer size.  So, watch this video to learn what they are, … Continue ReadingNewsRead more
  • Tab to Transients in Pro Tools
    Ready to brush up on your Pro Tools skills? Hey guys!  I have another video out that can help you brush up on your Pro Tools skills!  This video is all about how to use tab to transients.  This includes how to use it, what it is, and even what transients are.  So, take a look … Continue ReadingNewsRead more
  • Using the Tab Function in Pro Tools
    Check out this video on how to navigate and highlight using the tab key in your Pro Tools session!
  • Instagram Advice for Musicians
    Are you looking to improve your Instagram skills? Check out my two videos on how to promote your music using Instagram!
  • New Youtube Channel Launched!
    Hey guys!  I noticed recently that I was getting subscribers on my youtube channel, so I decided I should finally start posting videos about audio engineering there.  So, I’ve recently launched my youtube channel, which you can find here. The first few videos are about some nerdy audio engineer topics like: sample rate, bit depth, … Continue ReadingNewsRead more
  • Peace Day and Playing For Change Day
    This year, I’m really excited that I’m going to be in New York shortly before the United Nations’ Peace Day, and Playing For Change Day!
  • I’m Blogging For Pro Studio Live!
    You might have noticed that I haven’t been blogging here recently. That’s because I’ve been blogging for Pro Studio Live. So feel free to check it out, and read my articles over there instead of here. Thanks! ~Cato   UPDATE:  New blog  posts are now being posted to the Signature Sound Studios website.
  • Audio Blogs and Podcasts to Follow in 2015
    It’s that time of year again where you decide to grow and develop as an individual. At least until the potato chips and burritos hypnotize you back into submission. So, while you still have the energy, let’s go over some of the best audio podcasts and blogs to follow in 2015.
  • Gifts For Audio Geeks & Music Nerds
    The Holidays Are Upon Us! So to get in the spirit, I’ve decided to write an article about the best gifts for audio geeks.
  • Plug-Ins For Free! (And Other Pro Tools / Audio Freebies)
    The cost of plug-ins is a huge barrier to entry, and I’ve seen many engineers resort to using cracked plug-ins to stay cutting edge and able to compete. When your competition is stealing, it can be very difficult to stay afloat without doing so yourself. But there are a bunch of resources and free plug-ins out there to help alleviate this struggle.
  • Women in Music: Stop Whining or Ignite Change?
    The music industry has a discouraging climate – for women and those starting out – but what can you do about it? And is it worth it?
  • 5 Weird Drum Sets
    If my drum kit obviously can’t get any better…how can I make it more…awesome? Somebody definitely asked that question when creating the following instruments.  Enjoy! 1.  Cheese Drums Who doesn’t love cheese?  And who doesn’t love a good beat?  Well, now you can combine the two!  Cheese kits are great for those that are looking … Continue ReadingNewsRead more
  • Best Audio Nerd Jokes
    The other day, someone shared a lesson plan with me that involved some jokes. This inspired me to scour the internet to find some of my favorite audio nerd jokes.  So, without any further ado…..   1.  How many producers does it take to change a light bulb? Two – one to tell the engineer … Continue ReadingNewsRead more
  • Musical Instruments So Weird That They Will Make Hipsters Jealous
    Show those hipsters who’s boss and pick up one of these wicked awesome instruments…
  • Every Audio Engineer Should Know About These Reference Materials
    There are a few very basic reference materials that every audio engineer should know about. Here are a few of them…
  • Music Education is Broken
    Music is amazing for brain development, and should be an essential component of modern education. Music education helps with language development, increases IQ, and improves test scores, just to name a few of the many benefits.  However, our schools seem to be cutting music education at an alarming rate.  There are a lot of reasons … Continue ReadingNewsRead more
  • Music Industry Events That You Wish You Were Attending
    There are so many upcoming events for audio nerds! Here are a few that I’m either attending, or wishing I was able to attend.
  • 5 Horrendous Mistakes Made by San Diego Music Thing (And How To Fix Them)
    I’m going to start this off by saying I think the SD Music Thing is a great idea!  As San Diego’s answer to SXSW, it could really liven up a scene that suffers by being so close to Los Angeles.  I’m honestly glad I went this year!  But as someone that has helped organize and … Continue ReadingNewsRead more
  • 5 Best Ear Training Tools
    Good News! There are so many ear training options out there, that you no longer have an excuse not to do it! As someone that considers ear training one of my weaknesses – it’s definitely on my procrastination list – I figured I should scour the internet and share some good ones with you. (I’m … Continue ReadingNewsRead more
  • Creative Industry Newbs: Important Things to Remember
    If you want to work in a creative industry, the important thing to remember is this: you might be working for free for a very long time, even after graduating college…even if you manage to get 3 very relevant and prestigious degrees. Anyway, moving on. You’ll still learn, grow and meet new people.  You’ll network, … Continue ReadingNewsRead more
  • New Success & New Challenges
    Hey Everyone, I have been so busy lately and things have been picking up so fast!  But people tell me it’s important to keep a blog, so here it goes.  I’m trying it: Lately, I’ve been working in Studio West as an intern/assistant engineer, and now even as an engineer on occasion.  It’s a great facility … Continue ReadingNewsRead more