Hey Guys,

This year, I’m really excited that I’m going to be in New York shortly before the United Nations’ Peace Day, and Playing For Change Day.  This means that I will be in New York City to attend the UN celebrations!

Since they’re both in September, and they’re so close to each other, we’ve been working on encouraging more collaborations between Peace Day and Playing 4 Change Day.  Last year, I got some students and faculty together to create a peace themed mural at Platt College, where I teach audio.  You can see a picture of the mural at the top of this post.

This year, I’m working on mixing a song written and performed by some of the Music4Peace kids.  We hope to release the song, titled “Meant to Be Free,” during the UN’s Peace Day celebration in New York!

People all over the world are planning celebrations for these two days, and it’s really an amazing thing to participate in.  Any event, big or small, is welcome and encouraged.  So what are you guys planning?  I’d love to hear about any events you guys have in mind.

Also, if you’re holding an event for Playing For Change Day, then make sure to register your event on their site for more exposure.  Of course, you don’t need to host an event in order to participate.  You can also use their site to search for events near you that you might want to attend!

Until next time,