Audio engineering is already tough enough.

Rankings show that it’s one of those jobs that many people want, but few get.

The cost of plug-ins is a huge barrier to entry, and I’ve seen many engineers resort to using cracked plug-ins to stay cutting edge and able to compete.  After all, when your competition is stealing, it can be very difficult to stay afloat without doing so yourself.  But there are a bunch of resources (and free plug-ins!) out there to help alleviate this struggle.  Here are some:

Pro Tools Expert Free Plug Ins

Pro Tools Expert Free Plug-ins:

Pro Tools Expert has an extensive free plug-ins list that is updated regularly.  It features RTAS and AAX plug-ins, all within a searchable database.  Follow Pro Tools Expert on Facebook for regular posts, including free plug-ins and great tips.

Pro Tools Free Trial

Pro Tools Free Trial

Just starting out?  Don’t have it yet, but wish you had Pro Tools 11
on your laptop to help you get through finals?  Check out the Pro Tools free trial for the most up-to-date version of the software.  The downside is that this free trial ends, but maybe it can tie you over until you can shell out the cash.  Many plug-ins offer the same deal, so start googling industry favorite plug-ins now to start your trial.



Need that plug-in, mic, or piece of gear for a gig now, but don’t have the cash in the bank?  ZZounds offers payment plans that don’t require starting a credit card like most of their competitors.

ReSoundSound’s List of Free Plug-ins

It’s an old article from 2013, but should still have some good ones.  So check it out!

Audio Blocks 7 Days Free Trial

Audio Blocks 7 Days of Free Downloads

This site is offering 7 days of free downloads of tracks, sound effects, loops, and more.  You get to keep what you download for free, and best of all, they’re royalty free.  Since you can do 20 downloads per day during the trial, it’s definitely worth taking a look.

Email Lists

Sign up for mailing lists!  Some developers like to send out freebies of a new plug-in or extended free trials.  I’ve gotten a few free plug-ins just by being on a developers mailing list.  It’s definitely worth a shot.

Anyway, that’s what I managed to scrounge up on the internet recently.  Hope some of this is useful for you guys!