Cato likes to spend extra time on each project to learn new techniques while working.  This allows her to expand her skills as an audio engineer, and take your project a step further.  For this reason, she often charges flat rates for services like mixing and mastering. 

Her hourly rate is $50/hr when working in Lost and Sound Foundry (her studio). Monthly studio membership packages are also available.   

Here are her current rates for specific services (all rates are in US dollars):

$50/hr for work in Lost and Sound Foundry
(Cato’s Studio)
$35/hr + the studio’s hourly rate for all other studios (usually comes to about $65+)
Ranging from $90 – $380 per standard track
($380 includes editing, comping, tuning, etc.
$90 is for projects that require less)
Contact Cato for a custom quote.

$50+ per track
Contact Cato for examples of her mastering work.
When preparing your mix for mastering, please reference the Preparing a Mix for Mastering page. Please keep in mind, something like stem mastering will be more expensive than stereo mastering, so pricing does vary slightly here. Contact Cato for a custom quote.
Visit the Mix Review Page for more information.
prices vary, contact Cato with details about your project for a quote.

Contact Cato for more information on your specific project.  Depending on the project’s length and density, prices may vary.