I’m normally not into the corporate “value statement” game. It often feels hollow and pointless to me. However, I’m going to take a page from that playbook here. I’ve set down some of my philosophy and values below (with a bit more personal flair) in the hopes that it lends an idea of what it might be like to work together in the studio: 


Collaboration is essential: music, at its core, is a collaborative art. After all, my job doesn’t really exist without collaboration. I believe most projects can only improve by the introduction of collaboration. For this reason, I like to bring diverse clients and friends together, and promote collaboration between sessions and genres. It’s 100% fine if you want to keep the collaboration small with just me and you. But when appropriate, I love to operate as a connecting factor between people interested in music creation. When you become my client, you have a network at your disposal. Whether you chose to use it or not, I want all my clients to know that that’s there if you want it.  

No One Central Authority

I believe we are stronger when everyone is able to voice their opinions on an equal level, and everyone is equally respected for their own personal goals and values, as well as their abilities to contribute; everyone has a different perspective and background, and no single skillset is more valuable than another. This is why I try to practice the idea of, if someone introduces a creative idea to try, we should always try it, even if I don’t initially like the idea. I’ve learned that you might be surprised at how often you’ll change your mind about an idea you don’t like once you try it! I feel this also promotes a sense of trust and inclusion, which are essential to functioning in a creative environment.

Share Knowledge

Don’t protect information, share it! I don’t guard knowledge because I think we are all better off when we share what we know – that’s how you build upon knowledge faster! It’s not a finite resource. This is a driving value behind my Youtube channel, as well as my operations in the studio. I’m always learning, so I’m not stressed about giving away what I’ve learned – no one is going to overtake me using the information I’ve shared, because I’m not stagnating!

Don’t Yuck Someone Else’s Yum

Your musical taste is not an empirical truth; everyone’s brain responds differently to different musical elements. So, don’t yuck someone else’s yum! It’s okay to share that you don’t personally like something – that’s good to do! But in my studio, I like to be aware that there’s a diversity of musical taste and opinion out there. It’s art, for f*ck’s sake! Mature artists and music consumers realize that there’s a myriad of different perspectives out there, and that that diversity makes us stronger! Plus, I really don’t like the idea of forming a musical identity by looking down on someone else. Let’s focus on the positives!

Creative Expression is my Goal

I do this for creativity: if I can put myself creatively into a project, then I’m more interested in it. This is why I work with artists on a budget, and I don’t nickel and dime minutes spent (not having to do that is actually one of the many benefits of running my own studio nowadays!). Let’s be honest, I wouldn’t be working in music if massive amounts of money was my main goal. One of my 4 undergraduate degrees is in Economics; I have other options. I charge so that I can keep doing this full time, and keep improving the studio and my art.  


I believe in helping other women get their footing in the industry; male dominated environments can become so frustrating over time. For this reason (and even though men are wonderful and all), I think helping other women succeed in this industry is especially rewarding.

Helping Others Succeed is Rewarding

I am here to help my artists succeed! I have a whole world of specialized knowledge that comes from working on the engineering side of music production for over a decade – a world that most musicians never see or have to think about. I’ve seen a range of musicians’ definitions of success, and paths to that success. Whatever the goals and definition of success are for you, I love to help you get there. Are your goals therapeutic or commercial? Are your goals artistic or educational? There’s no wrong answer! After all, when you succeed, I succeed! (sometimes it’s good for my portfolio too, lol) 

Imperfection is Beautiful!

No one is perfect, and it’s okay to not know things or not perform perfectly. We are all just exploring this common interest in music together, and I love learning myself, while helping others learn along the way. It’s a group activity, not a top down activity. And besides, some of the most beautiful elements of music are found within the imperfections, so love your imperfections throughout the journey!  

That’s it! So, if you read all the way through this and think we should be buds – if you think we could work well together – then I would love to hear from you and learn more about *your* values and goals in the studio! Please contact me.