Cato has a wide range of experience in the audio industry.  She has worked in post production, on big budget advertising with clients including Cheerios, Weight Watchers, and Cadillac.  She has performed as A1 at numerous live sound venues, including the La Jolla Playhouse and San Diego Repertory Theater.  Her live sound experience also includes working on broadway shows and as front of house engineer for the Russian Ballet.  Before deciding to move to San Diego, Cato also functioned as studio manager of the Fortune Recording Studio at Connecticut College, and as the sole recording engineer for the Eastern Connecticut Symphony Orchestra.  She has worked as recording engineer for music performance professors from Yale, The United States Coast Guard, and StoryCorps.  She has also done extensive work with inner city students as part of Music 4 Peace San Diego, and in collaboration with Playing For Change and the United Nations.  She currently does live sound consulting work, teaches audio at Platt College, and works in a few San Diego recording studios.  She is proficient on many instruments, and has had years of formal training in percussion, piano, and flute.  She is very excited about her most recent gigs as a Music Peace Team Member of the International Day of Peace NGO committee at the United Nations, and as a host for Pro Studio Live, a  live television show that brings accomplished engineers, producers, and musicians into the studio to learn about their process.

Cato has worked in a variety of venues, including many recording studios and theaters:

Rarefied Control Room
Rarefied Recording
San Diego, CA
Platt Logo
Platt College
San Diego, CA
La Jolla Playhouse
La Jolla Playhouse
San Diego, CA
Logo for audio engine
New York, NY
Pro Studio Live
San Diego, CA
Audio Doctor
San Diego, CA
Logo for the San Diego Repertory Theater
San Diego Repertory Theater
Hartford Convention Center
Hartford Convention Center, Hartford, CT
Signature Sound Studios
San Diego, CA
Recording Room at Studio West
Studio West
San Diego, CA
The Fortune Recording Studio at Connecticut College
Fortune Recording Studio, New London, CT
Theater at the Garde Theater
Garde Arts Center,
New London, CT